Electric Vehicle Energy Management Training Equipment [Code: AutomobileLab0076]

Electric Vehicle Energy Management Training Equipment
Description & Specification:

Electric Vehicle Energy Management Training Equipment.

The equipment is fully equipped with electric vehicle energy management system, can simulate the electric vehicle start,low speed,general driving,full speed,slow down and stop six kinds of conditions of energy flow direction and the motor running.
Training board using 220V AC power supply, the internal circuit transformer rectifier into 12V DC power supply, no battery, reduce the trouble of charging, 12V DC power supply has anti-short circuit function.
Operating temperature: -40℃~+50℃
Size:- 1,600 X 700 X 1,700 mm
The panel is equipped with ignition switch, operating condition switch, throttle pedal, gear switch, brake switch, digital tachometer, current indicator, etc.
Supplemented by light-emitting diode system for the dynamic direction of the system, also has a The analog motor is used to demonstrate the working status of the motor.
Training Contents:-
Understanding electric vehicle energy management training system components and works

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