Engine Management System (MPI) Training Stand [Code: AutomobileLab0074]

Engine Management System (MPI) Training Stand
Description & Specification:

Engine Management System (MPI) Training Stand.

Educational demonstration stand is designed for gasoline injector engine management system (MPI) study.
Purpose of the training stand - practical and laboratory training/testing
Mobile stand on four wheels
Gasoline injector engine management system (MPI) with multipoint petrol injection installed in upper part of stand
Stand allow to monitoring the following:-
Fuel supply system
Amount of injected fuel
Fuel pressure of the fuel pump.
Construction of the fuel pump and fuel distribution system allow visually see the distribution of the fuel flow.
The ignition system and spark plugs installed in a way that allows visual monitoring of their activities.
Air flow in the intake manifold are adjustable, allowing functional demonstration of air mass flow and air temperature sensors.
Adjustable crankshaft rotation speed.
Ability altering the air/fuel mixture by the O2 sensor signal simulator.
Included the principal electrical circuit diagram with elements of the (MPI) system with built-in electrical measurement connectors. 
Stand allows to simulate 15 system errors by disconnecting plugs from connectors.
Possibility of measuring system parameters in electrical circuits, connecting to measurement contacts.
Ability to measure any system component electric parameters by connecting to the electrical circuit.
Ensured the possibility of ignition system high voltage circuit measurements.
Engine management system have a built-in voltmeter.
The stand has a closed structure – internal wiring is not visible.
Ensured the ability of detected systemic error reading / deletion.
Ensured the possibility of system parameters control.
Ensure the possibility of the control unit coding / configuration.
Training bench equipped with a network power supply (220 /12V) and a battery (12V).
Training stand include.
Exam / practical work simulation terminal, which should be able to simulate not less than 10 different system errors.
Automobile oscilloscope.
EOBD diagnostics equipment.
Training stand Size:- 1860x1450x700 mm.
Measure the waveforms and check the changes according to RPM speed.
Engine operation : check the operation of the injector and sparks in the order of switch plugs (1, 3, 4, 2) and inspect whether normal operation of each sensor.
Flame intensity measurement by adjusting the ignition gap

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