Automotive Air Conditioning And Heating Simulation Trainer [Code: AutomobileLab0009]

Automotive Air Conditioning And Heating Simulation Trainer
Description & Specification:

Automotive Air Conditioning And Heating Simulation Trainer.
Realistic Simulation of Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating System with Real Time Results and Modular Panel Layout Graphic System Presentation of Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating System components with components location and identification like in the real vehicle.

Realistic Troubleshooting Exercises with Error Answer Feedback featuring electrical test points and electronic interactive fault simulator system.

Air Conditioning and Heating System schematic panel that shows clearly the complete electrical wiring with test points available for measurement by Test lamps and Multimeter.

Computer Interface and Networking for connection to the Classroom Management System, that will enable external control of the Training System through Personal Computer and the use of Computer Aided Instruction to guide the student learning the theory and also provide step by step interactive instruction when doing laboratory and workshop tasks. When the software is installed in several computers connected in a network system, a Class Management System can be done to provide even more interactive communication between teacher and student featuring files distribution, automatic test/exam, audio/video presentation as well as Student Data Base Management to keep the student results and performances.

Comprehensive Courseware for both Teacher and Student.

Experiments Manuals consist of : Installation and Maintenance Guide of the trainer, health and safety guidance, Background theory in Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating System circuits and components, Task objectives, Practical Task step by step instruction, Question with Answer sheets, Student Job sheets, A comparison list of NATEF task list addressed in student practical experiments, This manual should be provided during the Bidding process to ensure all experiments are met.

The unit provides a complete simulation of the following elements of a fixed orifice tube cycling clutch climate control system:
Fixed orifice tube
Suction Accumulator
Evaporator Core
Hp-Service Valve
LP-Service Valve
Clutch cycling pressure switch
AC pressure cut-off switch
Air distribution system controls-dashboard.
Blower motor control
Manifold gauge simulation
Leak detector simulator
Experiments Manual
Test Lead and Jumper cables

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