Diesel Fuel Injection System Inline Pump [Code: AutomobileLab0077]

Diesel Fuel Injection System Inline Pump
Description & Specification:

Diesel Fuel Injection System Inline Pump.

Able to understand composition of injection pump in automobile and fundamental principles.
Pump is operated by the motor, able to measure the Fuel injection in accordance with RPM.
Single Phase½ HP moto
Inline Pump
4 Fuel Pressure Gauge
Inverter For Speed Control Etc
Size:- Approx. 600 X 400 X 1,200 mm
Weight:- Approx. 100 kg
Training Contents
Measuring the injection according to RPM.
Checking the injector status.
Checking the injector pump status.
Training for Fuel injection.
Measure the flux, injection patterns

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