PLC Simulation Software [Code: AutomobileLab0068]

PLC Simulation Software
Description & Specification:

PLC Simulation Software.

A fully operational ladder diagram editor that incorporates all the basic functions of PLC programming.
It is used for creating and editing PLC ladder diagrams.
Students create logic control applications by selecting instructions from a list of functions used in PLC programming (inputs, outputs, timers, counters and flags) and linking these instructions to variable addresses.
Rungs and branches can be added to the ladder to form more complex programs.
The ladder diagram can be run and fully debugged from within the PLC editor, making programming a much easier task.
PLC simulation module.
Enables online and offline activation of the application in the HMI alone, or together with actual equipment.
PLC simulator runs the ladder logic control program while the HMI responds accordingly.
When offline, the PLC simulator allows the user to control the process either from the ladder diagram or the HMI.
Ladder diagrams
PLC training panel simulator module.
Activates the PLC simulator with the panel HMI interface.
Allows students to run a previously programmed ladder and observe it in the training panel simulation.
HMI graphic editor module
An interactive graphic module for creating any PLC-controlled system.
Allows students to develop original HMI (human machine interface) applications and visualize production lines and other industrial processes.
Includes a number of sample HMIs, including one of the PLC training 
Panel -Students can also create their own HMIs.
Simple enough so that users with minimal computer or programming skills can create elaborate industrial applications.
HMIs simulate and communicate with control equipment, both industrial PLCs and the PLC training panel.
As the equipment is monitored and data is recorded, the HMIs reflect system logic requirements and operator requests.
Interface languages 
English, Portuguese
Functions-Simulation of sample HMI applications bundled with the software.
Simulation of industrial PLCs, such as Allen-Bradley SLC-500 and MicroLogix and Texas Instrument series.
Online operation and control of applications using industrial PLCs, such as Allen-Bradley and MicroLogix.
On-line graphic tracking of PLC:- Marks active elements; solves logic functions; displays digital and analog tracking charts for selected elements displays status of I/Os

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