Steam Condensing Trainer [Code: AutomobileLab0070]

Steam Condensing Trainer
Description & Specification:

Steam Condensing Trainer.

Available to have Experiment of boiling component.
Available to test heat exchanger performance through heat exchanger.
Boiler and plumbing-related terms, the purpose of a part, should be able to learn to understand and process the order.
To ensure the safety of the gas furnace gas valve automatically detect and install the gas block for safe driving should be configured.
Available to save data through power gauge.
Available to have study both of theory and experiment.
Vessel:- transparent
Pressure sensor:- 4~20mA
Pressure V/V:- 4kg/㎠
Flow meter sensor:- 4~20mA
Electric heater:- 3kw
Compressor:- 1/2HP,
Condenser:- Air-cooled type
Size(LxWxH):- 1100x720x1000 mm
Weight:- 80Kg

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