Cam and Follower Apparatus [Code: APL0004]

Cam and Follower Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Cam and Follower Apparatus.


Basic Wind Tunnel.
1. To determine follower displacement against angular rotation of a cam; hence derive velocity and acceleration diagrams and determine the maximum acceleration of the follower; for a variety of cams and followers.
2. Offset roller follower
3. The bench mounted unit consists of a dial gauge for the measurement of displacement and a protractor scale and bracket for measurement of angular rotation.
4. Cams include:- tangent cam; constant acceleration cam; simple harmonic motion cam.
5. Followers include:- roller; knife edge.
6. An instruction manual for student and lecturer is provided.
7. Dimensions and Weights (without fittings, followers and cams): 250 x 150 x 540 mm; 4.1kg (approx)
8. Supplied complete with Fittings, Followers and Cams:
    - A lever follower on a support with a pointer and scale
    - A flat follower 38 mm wide
    - A uniform motion cam
    - An eccentric cam

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