Supersonic Wind Tunnel [Code: FMFA001]

Supersonic Wind Tunnel
Description & Specification:

Supersonic Wind Tunnel.
Supersonic Wind Tunnel - Continuously operating supersonic wind tunnel with a rectangular measuring section. Transsonic and supersonic flows from Ma 0.8 up to Ma 1.8 can be realized with interchangeable measuring sections and nozzle profiles. Supersonic flow and the occurring shock waves can be directly observed with the supplied Schlieren optic apparatus. The continuous operation allows enough time to take measurements and to observe the phenomena. Four aerofoil models are supplied: a wedge, a double wedge, a bullet and a rocket. A flow straightener at the inlet ensures a low degree of turbulence. The tunnel is driven by a speed controlled vacuum pump. The pump is effectively silenced so it can be placed in the same room as the wind tunnel. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use