Flow Visualisation Wind Tunnel [Code: FMFA004]

Flow Visualisation Wind Tunnel
Description & Specification:

Flow Visualisation Wind Tunnel.
Flow Visualisation Wind Tunnel - The benchtop unit contains a narrow flow chamber with viewing window in which the drag model is placed. The airflow is generated using a blower. To obtain a flow with low turbulence, the air passes through a settling chamber, a fine sieve and a flow straightener. Smoke is used to make the streamlines visible. The smoke is generated by vaporising a glycol mixture and enters the tunnel via a manifold with a large number of outlet holes. The flow patterns can be clearly seen due to the black background of the flow chamber and additional lighting. Four different models (cylinder, orifice and two wing sections) are supplied. They can be interchanged and have an adjustable angle of attack.

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