Two Shaft Gas Turbine Jet Engine [Code: PEM0010]

Two Shaft Gas Turbine Jet Engine
Description & Specification:

Two Shaft Gas Turbine Jet Engine.
Two Shaft Gas Turbine Jet Engine Using the system, the operation of both a two-shaft system (vehicle, ship or generator drive) and a jet engine (aircraft propulsion) can be investigated. The turbine is started using a starter fan. The heart of the system is a gas generator comprising a compressor, combustion chamber and high pressure turbine. The energy in the exhaust is either converted into mechanical energy in the power turbine or accelerated using a nozzle and converted into thrust. The power turbine drives an asynchronous generator. It is easy to change from power turbine to thrust operation. The front of the unit has a display and control panel with a system diagram and digital displays for the process variables. Intake and exhaust silencing ensures low noise operation when using the power turbine. The turbine is equipped with the necessary safety devices. The use of propane combustion gas ensures odourless, clean operation. The system also requires a three-phase power supply and cooling water.

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