Temperature System Simulator [Code: CSL0014]

Temperature System Simulator
Description & Specification:

Temperature System Simulator.
Temperature System Simulator Temperature System Simulator Fast compact oven upto 90 degree C  Variety of control actions  Digital temperature readout  Solid state temperature sensor  Experiments:  Identification of the oven parameters  Study of ON-OFF temperature control (with adjustable relay characteristics)  Study of P, PI, PD and PID controls having adjustable coefficients  Features and specifications:  Temperature controller with facilities for P,I,D and relay control blocks  Operating temperature : Ambient to 90 degree C  Separate control for P,I,D channel gains  Two settings for relay hysteresis  Fast 25W oven fitted with IC temperature sensor  Digital display of set and measured temperature on a 3.5 digit built in DVM  Buffered output for recorder  IC regulation in controller circuit power supplies  220V +/- 10%, 50 Hz main operation  Supporting literature and patch cords included  No accessories required

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