Light Intensity Control System [Code: CSL0011]

Light Intensity Control System
Description & Specification:

Light Intensity Control System.
Light Intensity Control System                                                Light Intensity Control System Feedback control of light intensity  Study of inherent non-linearties- sensor, lamps  PI control  Dynamic response display  Experiments & specifications :  Characterization of light panel and light sensor blocks  Study of a practical single loop feedback control system which includes :  - Disturbance study - Error monitoring  Performance improvement through P-I control  Evaluation of dynamic behaviour  Seven lamps 6V/300mA  5 Hz square wave and triangular wave for dynamic response study  Switch selectable PI-Controller  Built-in 3.5 digit DVM  Built-in IC regulated power supplies  220 +/- 10%, 50 Hz mains operation  Detailed literature and patch cords included

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