Strain Gauge Transducers [Code: MSR0001]

Strain Gauge Transducers
Description & Specification:

Strain Gauge Transducers.

1). Piezo resistive transducer for strain measuremet.
2). Micrometer 0-20mm (Accuracy 0.01mm) for strain generation.
3). Strain gauges mounted on cantilever in hal and full Wheatstone bridge and instrumentation amplifier with Zero and spanadjustment for calibration
4). Experiments on Gauge factor determination, Strain indicator, Displacement measurement using Strain gauges.

Displacement Sensing Transducers

1). Micrometer 0-20mm (Accuracy0.01mm)
2). Precision phase sensitive rectifier
3). Measurement frequency of 1 KHz sine.
4). Zero & span adjustment for calibration of following transducers

i) Resistive linear transducer 0-20mm ii) Capactivie linear transducer 0-20 mm iii) Capacitive angular transducer 0-90degree iv) Inductive linear transducer 0-20mm v) LVDT transducer 0-20mm or (-10 to+10mm)

Speed Sensing Transducers

1). 12V DC motor with peed varying from0-4000rpm and rotating lotted wheel having 8 lots,
2). Individual signal conditioning circuit with programmable threshold comparator.
3). F to V Converter with span and zero amplifier.
4). Speed transducers:

  i) Magnetic pickup
  ii) Photo reflective
  iii) Photo interruptive
  iv) Inductive pickup with envelop detector.
  v) Stroboscope
  vi) Hall sensor

Sound Sensing Transducers

1). 40KHz gated oscillator to generate Ultrasonic sound waves.
2). V to I function block to convert voltage O/P into 4 to 20m A current loop
3). Sound Sensors:
    i) Ultrasonic Distance Measuremet.     ii) Dynamic microphone as Sound/ Audio sensor

Temperature Sensing Transducers

1). Instrumentation Amplifier to amplify thermocouple signals
2). Built in heart bar/mini oven driven by Powr Aplifier of sufficient wattage.
3). Temp. Selection upto 95 degree C in 5 ranges with ON/OFF closed loop control.

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  Temp. sensors:
  i) Thermocouple J with room temp. calibration pot.
  ii) Thermocouple K with room temp. calibration pot.
  iii) Thermister (100K).
  iv) PT100,
  v) IC sensor (AD 590) vi) Bimetallic switch

Vibration Sensor And Air Flow Sensor Experiment Panel

1). Vibration sensor

  i) Operation Range: Audio frequency (2KHz-8KHz),
  ii) Power amplifier: 1 W capacity as a vibration generator ,
  iii) Piezo electric sensor
  iv) Determination of aceleration (velocity, displacement components.

2). Air flow sensor:

  i) Preheated thermister =100 ohm,
  ii) DC fan (12V,1 1/2") to generate variable airflow in a mini wind tunnel with manual outlet ontrol,
  iii) Bridge amplifier to O/P 0=2V at various temperatures (Fan speed)
  iv) Determination of aceleration (velocity, displacement components

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