Propagation Of Sound In Solid Bodies [Code: ATE006]

Propagation Of Sound In Solid Bodies
Description & Specification:

Propagation Of Sound In Solid Bodies.
Propagation Of Sound In Solid Bodies Principle The transmission (or conduction) of sound through a solid body means: One end of the solid body is caused to oscillate (e.g. by placing a tuning fork on it). This oscillation propagates through the solid body to the other end of the solid body. The transmission through the solid body can be heard directly as an oscillation of the other end (experiment 2) or through the air (experiments 1 and 3).   Tasks Examine, with the aid of several examples (a plastic ruler, the human head, a thin thread), as to whether sound cannot only propagate in air but also in solid bodies. Show that the sound of the tuning fork can no longer be heard, or that it can only be slightly heard, through the air at a greater distance (approximately 20 cm). Demonstrate that the conduction through solid bodies over comparable distances ensures that the sound can be heard clearly.

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