Polishing Stand [Code: Metallurgical0002]

Polishing Stand
Description & Specification:

Polishing Stand.
The specimen after mounting is to be polished on emery papers of different grades. Usually papers of four grades are used in succession, from 1 to 000 grades. Occasionally 0000 grade is also required. These emery papers are commonly avaiLable in 11” x 9” size and can be conveniently fastened on Polishing Stand, after cutting into three lengthwise pieces.

rd Polishing Stand is designed to take four umbers of 11” x 3” 9 (i.e. 1/3 sheet) emery papers of different grades. They are clamped on polishing place surfaces by means of clamping arrangements on both ends of the surface, thus holding them flat and tight. The entire mechanism is fixed in a tray so that even wet polishing can be done on these polishing stands. For wet polishing the stand is provided with water jets and drain.
Finished in high gloss enamel.
Dimension: 16” x 16” x 5” approx.

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