Motorised Pipe Bender [Code: pb0002]

Motorised Pipe Bender
Description & Specification:

Motorised Pipe Bender.

Motorised Pipe Bender. 

motorised Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine ideally suitable for bending water (G.I. Pipes), gas or steam pipes without filling or heating etc., with hydraulic pressure and reverse pressure control, hydraulic motorised pump is suitable for operation on AC 440/3/50 electric supply continuously rated with push button starter gives uniform hydraulic output and faster cylinder operation.  The machine is equipped with device which takes out pipe from the bending former hydraulically. Complete with standard centre former for G.I. Pipes ("C" class), outer formers and head plates etc. Suitable electricals with 3 phase 440 volts with starter, hydraulic trolley

1/2"-3" 8 3
1/2" 4" 9 3
1"-4" 7 3
2" - 6" 6 5
2" - 8" 7 5

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