Mobile Communication Training System [Code: TELE0001]

Description & Specification:

Mobile Communication Training System.
Mobile Communication Training System -To understand the basic principles of digital mobile communication system. The system consists of a set of two tripods – one for mounting the transmitting antenna and another tripod for mounting the receiving antenna, 10 different types of Mobile antennas, two Base station PLL synthesized units , two Mobile PLL synthesized units and all the necessary cables and accessories. This stand-alone equipment combines both hardware and software and is able to carry out Mobile communication experiments. It provides same conversation quality as commercial products in the market and is expected to lead students quickly settle into work environment.

- 2 mobiles and 2 base station units
- 10 types of mobile antennas
- PLL synthesized base station and remote units
- Full duplex voice & data communication link
- Propagation environment experiment
- Automatic retry mode
- Successful or failed data packet acknowledgment

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