Microwave RF Power Meter [Code: MCRW0004]

Microwave RF Power Meter
Description & Specification:

Microwave RF Power Meter.
A microwave power meter will consist of a measuring head which contains the actual power sensing element connected via a cable to the meter, which reports the power reading. The head may also be referred to as a power sensor or mount. Different power sensors can be used for different frequencies or power levels. RF Power Meter is portable for its light weight and measurable high frequency range of power from 0.01 - 12.4GHz accurately Due to the small consumption power, it is measurable for o long time with battery only without AC Adapter. LCD display area will be lit when you use AC Adaptor. Input impedance is 50 Ω it is measurable 3 range as 0 - .999mW, 0 - 9.99 mW,

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