Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation Unit [Code: FM0079]

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation Unit
Description & Specification:

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation Unit.
Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation Unit EXERCISES AND PRACTICAL POSSIBILITIES Some Practical Possibilities of the Unit: 1.-     Visualising two-dimensional flow using hydrogen bubbles. 2.-     Analogy of aerodynamic flow. 3.-     Understanding laminar and turbulent flow. 4.-     Visualization of boundary layer. 5.-     Demonstration of the boundary layer growth. 6.-     Quantitative observing of flow measuring devices. 7.-     Demonstration of boundary layer separation and eddy formation. 8.-     Quantitative analysis of flow patterns using pulsed bubbles. 9.-     Observation of flow around standard shapes (cylinder, aerofoil, etc.). 10.-  Observation of flow around user created models.

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