Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy Trainer Green Energy [Code: RENY0002]

Description & Specification:

Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy Trainer Green Energy.

Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy Training System - Complete Training System, On-board Voltmeter and Ammeter..

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Wind energy can generate electricity using turbines and generators. The Solar/Wind Energy Trainer forms a complete hybrid energy training system.

Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy Trainer is a versatile training system for students to understand the concept of both Solar and Wind energy based DC power generation. This product explains how solar cells are put together for desired voltage generation and how solar energy is utilized to drive different loads. The Wind Turbine Section works as a live demonstration unit of a wind turbine (generator). It introduces the concept of converting kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy and then further into electrical energy. It is provided with a good quality solar panel and Wind Turbine setup.

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