Folding Machine [Code: dm0002]

Folding Machine
Description & Specification:

Folding Machine.

Folding Machine. 

CMT type folding machines are designad for easy and accurate clamping full length-wise bending and forming sheets to required angle correctly, angle bending stop has been fitted for correct repeatation jobs.
Width of sheet max. 48" 80" 98"
Thickness of sheet max. 14 swg. 14 swg. 20 swg.

Heavy duty hand operated truck folding machines specially suitable to form heady and large right angle and curved folds on the sides of the trunks and also suitable for folding the sides of trays and various other similar articles with help of suitable eddies, operation through the bed by eccentric shaft raising and lowering the top beam, top beam has adjustment for height, complete with one M.S. bending die for 9o0 (sqare )bends, a set of gauges and bench mounting stand.
Width of sheet s. 24.1/2" 36.1/2" 48.1/2" 51.1/2" 78"
Max. Capacity 20 swg. 20 swg. 20 swg. 20 swg. 20 swg.

Roll type edge folding machines for edging the tin plate body blanks so form hooks for side seems prior to body forming or simple flanging with moderately sharp bends, complete with an adjustable guage.
Length of fold 12.1/2" 2.1/2" 26.1/2" 30.1/2" 36.1/2" 48.1/2"
Capacity max. swg. 22 22 22 22 22 22


Hand operated slipout type bending rollers are specially designed for bending sheet into complete cylinders or curving them to suit different type of panel work equipped with a set of 3 mild steel properly machined, rollers, two rolls having grooves for permitting sheets previously wired, the front bottom roll has adjustment to suit various thickness of materials being admitted where as the back roll has adjustment for various diaes of cylinders to be distortion, mounted on, stand:

Max width 12" 18" 24" 24" 36" 36" 48" 48"
Cap in M.S. Swg. 24 24 20 18 20 18 20 18

Hand operated heavy duty Geared Bending Rollers (Slipout type)
Bending capacity        
M.S. Width & Thickness 3"x1/6" 4"x1/8" 4"x1/4" 4"x3/8"
  6"x1/8" 6"x1/4" 6"x3/8" 8"x1/8"


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