Electronic Workshop - Electrical Installation Lab [Code: ELT0001]

Electronic Workshop  - Electrical Installation Lab
Description & Specification:

Electronic Workshop Lab.

Electronic Workshop Lab

Electrical Protection Trainer
Protection Relay Experiment Trainer
Power Electronics Training Kit
Advanced Power Electronics Training Kit
Electrical Machine Trainer
Motor Control Trainer
Motor Generator Trainer
AC Motor Control By Inverter Trainer
Alternator & Parallel Operation Experiment  System
Experiment Panel AC Machines
Experiment Panel DC Machines
DC Series Motor Trainer
DC Shunt Motor Trainer
Three Phase Motor Trainer
Motor/Generator/Cut Away Unit
Electrical Transmission Training System
Power Transmission And Distribution  Experiment System
Electrical Transformer Training Kit
Electrical Instrument Training Kit
In-House Electrical System Training Kit
Generator Sets And Synchronising Board
Switchboard Demonstrator Unit
Illuminated Fault System Kit
Three Phase Bench Power Supply
Single Phase AC Bench Power Supply
Single Phase AC/DC Power Supply
Mobile Electrical Loading Unit
Automatic Power Factor Correction Unit
Combined Refrigeration Compressor Analyzer
Single Phase Motor Analyzer And Starter Trainer
Alternative Renewable Energy Trainer
PC Based Electricity & Electronics Trainer
Electronic Training Kit
Basic Electricity Training Kit
Basic Electricity And Electronics Training Kit
Basic Electromagnetic Training Kit
Digital Logic Lab Trainer – 16 Bits
Analog Digital Trainer – 16 Bits
Electronic Application Module Kit
Semiconductor Trainer
PIC Training Kit
8088/8086 Microcomputer Principles And  Interfacing Trainer
Modular Electronic Engineering Trainer
Basic Electronic Trainer
Electronic Sensor Trainer
PCB Drafting And Fabrication Setup
Universal Microcontroller Trainer
8051 Microcontroller Trainer
Microprocessor/Microcontroller Application Module
FPGA Training Kit
Microprocessor Trainer

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