Digital pH, Conductivity & Temperature Meter [Code: ANY0002]

Digital pH, Conductivity & Temperature Meter
Description & Specification:

Digital pH, Conductivity & Temperature Meter.
Digital pH, Conductivity & Temperature Meter is an elegant, rugged and most economical instrument for fast and accurate pH, Conductivity and Temperature measurements in any laboratory. This instrument is useful for monitoring acidity & alkalinity, conductivity & temperature of natural water, sea water, drinking water, treated water, waste water, brine solution, soil and other chemical solutions. 3½ digit, 7 segment bright red LED display and solid state IC circuitry makes it versatile and reliable. It operates on 230V AC, 50Hz. This instrument is extremely used for chemical labs, pollution and environmental testing, public health engineering, sugar, cement, paper, industries, pharmaceuticals & boiler water analysis, agriculture and soil labs, brewery and transport under takings, fertilizer plants and petroleum refineries etc. FEATURES : Highly Stable and Accurate Cell Constant Adjustment Facility 3½ digit Red LED Display Rugged & Reliable Design.

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