Digital Control System [Code: CSL0022]

Digital Control System
Description & Specification:

Digital Control System.
Digital Control System Digital Control System Digital Controller implementation on uP-kit  Simple Op-amp based analog plant  CRO display of response  Design and test new algorithms  Experiments :  Indentification of the controlled process  Study of sampling period variation  Designing P,PI,PD and PID controllers  Advanced algorithms implementation  Features and specifications :  Second order simulated process (analog process)  Built-in D/A and A/D circuits (8-bit)  8085 based uP kit as digital controller with user software in 8K EPROM  16-bit arithmetic for algorithmic calculations  16 built-in levels of P, I and D gains each. Complete flexibility for the user to develop own software  Square wave test input (internal)  IC regulated internal built in power supplies  220V +/- 10%, 50Hz mains operation  Detailed literature and patch chords included  Essential accessory - a CRO

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