Button Punch Snap Lock Machine And Double Headed Power Flanger [Code: rf0001]

Description & Specification:


Button Punch Snap Lock Machine And Double Headed Power Flanger. 

Used for joining sheet metal at right angles on straight runs. This is a more sophisticated joint than the Pittsburgh lock, requiring less labour, The male section snaps tightly into the female with an almost unbreakable joint. The machine is capable of forming a maximum of 20 swg (1.00 mm)


16mm (5/8 in)



Male 12mm (1/2 in) 
Thickness (0.5mm -0.9mm


1650 mm Weight Approx. 275 kg
Width 615mm Motor 2 HP(1.5kw)

One head as per the Power flanging machine and the other head is fitted with punches to produce the louvers in the right angle flange to suit button punch snap lock. 1.00 mm maximum

When used in conjunction with the double headed flanging machine, this makes possible the forming of round bends

Width 660mm Height 1000mm
Length 1000mm Weight Approx. 125 kg
Flat 'S' Cleat is used in light commercial and industrial applications and predominantly in residential heating and ventilating installations. It is quick and easy to install and gives a rigid box - frame construction, when used with Drive Cleat on the narrow sides.
The Flat'S' is a shape roll formed on the Rollforming Machine using sheet of 22 gauge and lighter. This design results in a reinforced hem with ample pocket for joining ducts together top and bottom.

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