Belt Grinder [Code: STR0002]

Belt Grinder
Description & Specification:

Belt Grinder.

Abrasive belt grinding machines are usually classified by the surface that forms the backup of the coated abrasive at the work area. This backup has an important effect on the material removal rate and on the finish. The backup governs choice of contact pressure, the angle of cut and the speed of operation.

Belt Grinding Machines may be broadly classified according to the backups used as :

  • Platen Grinding Machines:
  • Contact Wheel Grinding Machines
  • Free Belt Grinding Machines
  • Centreless Grinding Machines

In construction, all the machines are similar. A coated abrasive belt runs over two pulleys - one driving pulley one idler pulley. There is (a) provision to prevent the belt from 'walking' or 'running' off the pulleys

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