Top & Bottom Can Seaming Machine [Code: sm0004]

Top & Bottom Can Seaming Machine
Description & Specification:

Top & Bottom Can Seaming Machine.

Motorised or hand operated top and bottom can seaming machines produce perfectly tight seams of round tin containers filled or unfilled equipped with spindle made from steel carefuly machined and revolved on taper roller bearings, suitable thrust bearing being, provided to support the weight of the spindle. A set of seaming wheels are supplied with adjustable bracket, bottom screw is adjustable for various height for cans. Motorised models are supplied with motor attachment, motor pulley, suitable AC 440/3 50 motor and V belt. Seaming chucks can be supplied an extra cost against ified requirements. 


Can seam :
i) Maximum diameter of tins up to: 4" 8" 11"
ii) Maximum height of tins admissible 6" 10" 14"
   HP of motor (included) 1/4 1/4 1
   Aproximate weight hgs. 90 125 215

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