Simple Moments Apparatus [Code: FA0018]

Simple Moments Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Simple Moments Apparatus.
Simple Moments Apparatus Features Low cost, effective teaching Self-contained Bench mounted Demonstrates concept of moment equilibrium Three year warranty Range of Experiments To apply a stable system of loading to a pivoted beam To compare with values obtained from calculation using simple moments Description This equipment provides a simple easy to understand experiment on the equilibrium of moments. Several loads can be put on the beam at various positions. These will make the beam rotate. The student has to determine the moment necessary to overcome this rotation and keep the beam level. On a practical level, this principle is used in the measurement of goods, such as in chemical balances and steelyards. The alloy beam is 530mm long and graduated in each direction from the central pivot in cm. Three wire stirrups, weight hangers and a set of weights are included. This equipment is part of a range designed to both demonstrate and experimentally confirm basic engineering principles. Great care has been given to each item so as to provide wide experimental scope without unduly complicating or compromising the design. Each piece of apparatus is self-contained and compact. Setting up time is minimal, and all measurements are made with the simplest possible instrumentation, so that the student involvement is purely with the engineering principles being taught. A complete instruction manual is provided describing the apparatus, its application, experimental procedure and typical test results.

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