Model of Windows [Code: CEM38]

Model of Windows
Description & Specification:

Model of Windows.
 Different type, properly constructed, in timber wood, beautifully painted. Complete with frames.
(A) Louvred or Venetioan Window :


Stationary, size 27x40 cm. approx.
(B) Double Hung Window:


Top portion slides down and lower portion slides up, size about 35x50 cm.
(C) Sliding Window :


Sliding horizontally, size 40x60 cm.
(D) Casement Window:


Hinged at side, swings cutward, size about 27x40 cm.
(E) Awning Window :
 Hinged at top, swings outward, size 30x50 cm. approx.
(F) Hopper Window:
Hinged at bottom, Swings into room, size about 30x45 cm.
(G) Bay Window:
Stationary, projecting outside size about 40x60 cm.

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