Heavy Duty Single Semi Automatic Lathe [Code: lm0007]

Heavy Duty Single Semi Automatic Lathe
Description & Specification:


Heavy Duty Single Semi Automatic Lathe. 

Automats are extremely versatile machines that give big returns on small investments. Upto 80% of all turning jobs can be profitable handled by these automats with accuracy and precision. These Automats have proved economical for mass production of simple and complex turned parts for Automobiles, Bicycles, Tractors, Diesel Engines, Pumps, Radios and electronics, Sewing Machines, Aircraft and so on. The simple design of these Automats greatly reduces the time for change-over of tooling set-up from one components to another.

Front & Rear Main Slides, Tailstock Barstop, One Collet With Drill Holder, Electric Drive Motor, Electric Coolant Pump, One Set of Cam Blanks, One Silent Gravity Bar Feed Chest, Trans-parent Splash Guard, Change Gears.


Single Vertical Slide, Double Vertical Slide, Long Turning Attachment (Front & Rear), Various Types of Tool Holders, Finished Cams, Collets Chamfering Attachment, Tooling and Setting.


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