Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus [Code: DYN0001]

Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus.

This compact and simple apparatus incorporated two features. Firstly, kinematics coupling at the driven and of the shaft to slide freely in longitudinal direction while revolving readily. The directional clamping of this end of the shaft is achieved by and interchangeable chuck without self aligning radial ball bearing.

The shaft is driven through a dynamically balanced flexible coupling by a universal motor, the speed of which can be controlled by a control unit. The speed of rotation of the shaft can be measured by a stroboscope. Tachometer can be also used for speed measurement. The following shafts made from steel will be supplied.

Dia. (MM) Length (MM)
2 or 3 10000
4 10000
6 10000
8 10000

One kinematics coupling and bearing for fixed of fee enc. One sliding chuck for fixed end with lateral movement.
220 V, 50 Hz single phase Range of
experiments: Investigation of various models of whirl for shafts with
a) Both ends directionally fee.
b) Both ends directionally fixed

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