Water Hammer Apparatus [Code: FMFP008]

Water Hammer Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Water Hammer Apparatus.
Water Hammer Apparatus Technical Description The experimental set-up for the investigation of water hammer in pipes is clearly laid out on a laboratory trolley. For reasons of space, the experimental pipe section is of a spiral design. The medium used for the experiments is water. Using solenoid valves, an abrupt change in the flow speed in the pipe can be induced, this initiates a pressure pulse. A pressure vessel with a cushion of air simulates an open ended pipe such that there is a clear reflection of the pressure wave. A pressure transducer measures the pressure wave and converts it into a voltage signal. To make the pressure characteristic visible, an oscilloscope can be connected. The reflection time and closing time of the solenoid valve can be read on the oscillogram. The oscilloscope is not included.

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