Two In One Microcontroller Training Kit [Code: MML0028]

Two In One Microcontroller Training Kit
Description & Specification:

Two In One Microcontroller Training Kit.
Two In One Microcontroller Training Kit Two In One Microcontroller Training Kit With With In-built Power Supply CPU Based on 8097BH/80C196KC/80C196KB  16K bytes of RAM expandable to 32K with 3.6V rechargeable Battery Backup  16K bytes of EPROM expandable to 32K loaded with powerful monitor  Onboard Assembler/Disassembler.  24 Parallel I/O lines using 8255 and 8 buffered lines from 8097.  1 input port software programmable to be 8 bit digital input port or 8 analog channels with 10 bit A/D Converter and sample & hold with a 24 µsec. (for 12MHz Crystal) conversion time using successive approximation for conversion  RTC & Watch-Dog Timer  High speed I/O (HSIO) port with 8 lines. Four lines dedicated as output, two lines dedicated as input, and two either as input or output.  Serial port from the controller.  Two 16 bit timers (one with external clock input).  Cross Assembler for 8097/80196.  28 Keys Keyboard & 8 Seven Segment displays.  Facility of Uploading/Downloading files to/from PC.  Software for Modify/Display Register, Modify/Display Memory, Execution of Program, Break-point, Single Stepping etc.  EPROM Programmer for 2764/27128/27256 with facility to program, List, Verify and Blank Check for continuous, odd or even bytes.  In-built Power Supply.  User's Manual.

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