Turbine Demonstrator Supply Module [Code: FMTD0012]

Turbine Demonstrator Supply Module
Description & Specification:

Turbine Demonstrator Supply Module.
Turbine Demonstrator Supply Module Technical Description The supplies the turbine models with water. It consists of a supply tank, pump and pipe work; these are mounted in clear layout on a base plate. The turbine models are placed on the supply tank and bolted in place. A hose provides the connection for the pressure line to the turbine model. After flowing through the turbine, the water flows directly into the supply tank. The flow rate and the pressure present at the turbine can be adjusted using a control valve. Electronic sensors measure the flow rate and supply pressure. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module, Data Acquisition Card + Software and Connecting Cables . These accessories enable to process and store the measured data on PC.

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