Tractor Model [Code: AEM0025]

Tractor Model
Description & Specification:

Tractor Model.
Tractor Model The basic principles of operation of a Tractor are clearly demonstrated by this convenient size open construction model. The chasis is consisting of Front axle with wheels, Steering, Four cylinder diesel engine, Clutch, Gearbox, Differential, Rear axle with wheel Brakes, Radiator, Fuel Tank etc. By turning crank handle attached In front of the unit piston of the engine move up and down, cam shaft connected by gears opens and closes the In take and exhaust valves of each cylinder In proper sequence, lamp flash to show Instant firing order. The unit is clearly labelled and portable. Its size Is 85x55x28 cm approx, and weight about Kg. Complete on base and raxine cover.

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