Torsion Of A Spiral Spring [Code: SM0016]

Torsion Of A Spiral Spring
Description & Specification:

Torsion Of A Spiral Spring  Torsion Of A Spiral Spring.
Torsion Of A Spiral Spring  Torsion Of A Spiral Spring Features

  • Low cost, effective teaching
  • Self-contained
  • Wall-mounted
  • Measurement of torsional stiffness
  • Demonstration of Hooke's law for
    torsional spring
  • Comparison with theoretical predictions
  • Three year warranty

Range of Experiments

  1. To compare the experimental stiffness of a plane spiral spring with theoretical predictions.
  2. To observe if the spring exhibits a linear elastic behavior.

Spiral springs are used to provide a resisting or restoring torque to a shaft when it is rotated through an angular displacement. They exhibit similar stiffness characteristics to linear springs, except that the effect is one of torque rather than force. The stiffness of a spiral spring depends on its physical dimensions and the rigidity of the steel strip from which it is formed. The student can easily calculate the theoretical stiffness of the spring, and compare the value with simple experimental results.

The wall mounted unit consists of a spiral spring coiled from a length of 25 x 0.6mm steel strip to give an effective length of 2 metres, attached to a shaft mounted in ball bearings. A cord carrying a weight hanger is wound round the shaft, and a load applied to twist the spring. Spring deflection is measured with an attached 360° scale. A cord and weight hanger are supplied.

This equipment is part of a range designed to both demonstrate and experimentally confirm basic engineering principles. Great care has been given to each item so as to provide wide experimental scope without unduly complicating or compromising the design. Each piece of apparatus is self-contained and compact. Setting up time is minimal, and all measurements are made with the simplest possible instrumentation, so that the student involvement is purely with the engineering principles being taught. A complete instruction manual is provided describing the apparatus, its application, experimental procedure and typical test results.

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