Throttling Calorimeter [Code: PEM001]

Throttling Calorimeter
Description & Specification:

Throttling Calorimeter.

Throttling Calorimeter - A supply of mains electricity and water are required for the operation of the unit. Steam up to max. 10bar and 240°C can be investigated.

Throttling Calorimeter - Both very large and very small water contents can be determined with precision by means of the two-stage process. For the direct determination of high water contents of x = 0.5 and below the separating calorimeter is used. High vapour contents between approx. x = 0.95 and x = 1.0 can be determined indirectly using the throttling calorimeter. The vapour is adiabatically expanded and transferred to superheated steam. The quality can then be determined with the aid of the h-s diagram.

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