Surge Tank and Reservoir [Code: FMHE0013]

Surge Tank and Reservoir
Description & Specification:

Surge Tank and Reservoir.
Surge Tank and Reservoir Technical Description The demonstrates the principle of operation of a surge chamber and the non-steady state flow behaviour of water as, e.g., occurs at dams and in retention basins. In both systems the water rises before it is fed via an overflow to a load (e.g. a turbine) or a reservoir. A device that is capable, e.g., of absorbing pressure surges produced by a sudden change in the flow rate is termed a ”surge chamber” (used e.g. in hydroelectric power stations) The surge chamber is often designed as a cylindrical shaft in which the oscillation of the pressure pulse can subside undisturbed. The model system is equipped with pressure sensors. The pressure conditions that occur and the oscillations caused by a pressure surge are recorded using a chart recorder.

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