Structural Mechanics Apparatus [Code: AME0018]

Structural Mechanics Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Structural Mechanics Apparatus.

Structural Mechanics Apparatus It is very easy to form different trusses with the given material and find out stress in different members. The following fourteen types of models can be easily constructed :- 1. Single Cantilever 2. Single Cantilever with four members, 3. Simple RoofTruss  4. RoofTruss withAngledTie Rods (RoofTruss 'A') 5.AComposite frame work (four in one frame) 6. King Post RoofTruss. 7. Standard RoofTruss (RoofTruss 'B') 8. RoofTruss With Loads or Standard RoofTruss. 9. Mansard RoofTruss. 10. Island RoofTruss. 11.NType Girder 12.Warren Girder, 13. FramedArch, 14. North Light RoofTruss Details ofAccessories :-  a. Stand and cross bars   (4 bars &8 stands)     4 sets   b. Brackets fitted with stands

4 only. c. Hinges (different)22 only. d. Hinge Holder Hooks.         8 only. e. Cantilever rod with top caps.

2 only. f.  Member rods (sizes marked)

37 only. g. Cap Screws (extra). 6 only. h. Weight hanger with platform

8 only. i. Weight platforms extra

2 only. j. Slotted weights 1 kg.

10 only. k. Spring balances (2 of 20 kg. 2 of 10 kg.  (4 of 5kg.)

8 only. I.  Chains short and long.

6 only. m. Boss Brackets.

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