Stirred Tank Test Stand [Code: PCE0027]

Stirred Tank Test Stand
Description & Specification:

Stirred Tank Test Stand.
Stirred Tank Test Stand Technical Description This demanding test stand is used to perform experiments on a multivariable system often found in practice. In this particular example, the interacting variables temperature and level are to be controlled in a stirred tank. After the heated product leaves the stirred tank, heat is transferred to the feed by a heat exchanger. A pneumatic control valve controls the tank level via product discharge. The double-walled tank is electrically heated. The system has a closed water circuit.  The test stand contains high quality instrumentation. The controllers have a Profibus DP interface which allows the test stand to be monitored with optional process control software . This software can also be used to record the process variables and to tune controller parameters via PC. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use