Steam Generator Module [Code: PEM0014]

Description & Specification:

Steam Generator Module.
Steam Generator Module The benchtop unit is intended for operation together with the steam turbine, but can also be operated independently. The unit comprises a gas heated boiler with superheater, condenser with evacuation unit, condensate and feed water pump, safety devices and instrumentation including an exhaust gas analyser. The instantaneous boiler system delivers steam after a few minutes, max. 8kg/h at 10bar and 225°C. The cyclic process is easy to follow and understand as all components are clearly arranged on the front panel. All measured values are displayed both on the front panel and on a PC via the data acquisition system provided as standard. It is also possible to prepare charts or graphs from measurements with the supplied software. The steam generator is designed in accordance with the German "Technische Regeln Dampf" (TRD) (Technical Regulations for Steam). It is pressure tested and has all the stipulated safety fittings. A supply of mains electricity, water and propane or natural gas is required.

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