Slip Ring Induction Motor [Code: EEE008]

Slip Ring Induction Motor
Description & Specification:

Slip Ring Induction Motor.
Slip Ring Induction Motor - 1. Outer yoke made up of High grade cast iron MS Frame

2. High grade silicon stamping Stator with hydraulically pressed

3. Suitable copper conductor of best quality used for winding for both Stator and Rotor4. Skewed Rotor construction with dynamically balance ensuring low noise

5. Larger size of bearings for longer life and trouble free operations

6. Vacuum pressure impregnation for stator & rotor ensuring high insulation strength

7. Rotor and brake drum Pulley are Dynamically Balanced8. Gun Metal Slip rings with good quality carbon brushes are used

9. All the terminals on terminals Box are properly engraved

10. Sturdy base frame with heavy duty bolt and also highly accurate dial type spring balance to give proper readings of the machines.  All Slip Ring Induction Motors Confirming to ISS

11. Ratings: For 3ph, 415Volts, 50Hz. 2H.P to 7.5HP
12. Starting Methods: Rotor Resistance Starter with no volt and over load protection.

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