Side Channel Pump [Code: FMT007]

Side Channel Pump
Description & Specification:

Side Channel Pump.
Side Channel Pump Technical Description The test stand is used for investigating the pump characteristic of centrifugal pumps and for process-related measurement exercises. The heart of the system is a small centrifugal pump with a speed-regulated drive. The flow can be measured either with a magneto-inductive flow meter, or using a venturi nozzle and differential pressure transducer. Absolute pressure transducers are provided for measuring the pressures on the intake and delivery sides of the pump. The water temperature is determined using a resistive measuring sensor. The flow rate in the system can be adjusted using ball-cocks. The controls and digital displays are installed in a switch box, this also has a PC interface. Thanks to the data acquisition card and software supplied, the measured data can be displayed, processed and stored on a PC. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use