Series / Parallel Pumps / PC [Code: FMT009]

Series / Parallel Pumps / PC
Description & Specification:

Series / Parallel Pumps / PC.
Series / Parallel Pumps / PC Technical Description The Pump Test Rig was developed for the serial and parallel operation of 2 centrifugal pumps. It is used predominantly for determining pump and system characteristic curves. The measured data is recorded electronically during the experiments. This makes it possible to display and process the data on a PC. At the same time, the measured data is displayed on easy to read digital displays. This allows operation without a PC connected. The test rig basically comprises 2 identical centrifugal pumps that are driven using DC shunt wound motors of adjustable speed. Proximity switches measure the speed of the motors, force transducers on the motor shafts determine the output torque. At all key points on the unit, the pressure is determined using absolute pressure transducers, the flow rate is measured using a magnetic-inductive sensor. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use