Series / Parallel Pumps [Code: FMT008]

Series / Parallel Pumps
Description & Specification:

Series / Parallel Pumps.
Series / Parallel Pumps Technical Description The series and parallel pump test rig is system that has been designed for instructional and experimental use in vocational schools, special colleges and universities. The series and parallel pump test rig can be used, for example, to clarify the differences between serial and parallel operation of two pumps. The test stand includes two identical centrifugal pumps that are driven by speed-controlled DC shunt motors. The speed of the motors is clearly shown on the switch box, together with the current and voltage. The motors are suspended. The driving torque is determined with a torque wrench. The pressure is measured on the intake and delivery side of the pump with manometers. The flow rate in the system is displayed by a water meter. It can also be determined by measuring the differential pressure at a nozzle or orifice.

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