Pump and Turbine Trainer [Code: FMT0019]

Pump and Turbine Trainer
Description & Specification:

Pump and Turbine Trainer.
Pump and Turbine Trainer Technical Description Using the Basic Unit, Pump and Turbine Trainer, an extendable experimental concept for basic experiments in the area of hydraulic fluid-flow machines has been realised. Here the forms the basic unit. Equipped with a powerful centrifugal pump and a sealed water circuit with an own supply tank, the module can be used to perform experiments on pumps. Rotational speed, flow rate and back-pressure can be adjusted. The drive power of the pump is determined using the rotational speed and the torque. Modern electronic measuring instruments and digital displays for pressure, flow rate, torque and rotational speed are integrated into the basic unit. Easy to interchange sets with various types of water turbines enable the range of experiments to be expanded to include experiments on turbines

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