Pressure Control Demonstration Unit [Code: PCE0018]

Description & Specification:

Pressure Control Demonstration Unit.
Pressure Control Demonstration Unit Technical Description This training system provides a comprehensive experimental introduction to the fundamentals of process control using an example of pressure control. All components are clearly laid out on a vertical front panel. The large-format process diagram provides an aid to understanding.  The controlled system is operated by compressed air, which must be provided by the laboratory. The use of two in-line pressure vessels permits a 2nd order control system to be constructed. Disturbances can be generated by alternate air tapping by way of a hand-operated valve. Both pressure vessels are fitted with manometers. An electronic pressure transducer measures the pressure. The controller used is a state-of-the-art digital industrial controller. The actuator in the control loop is an electro-pneumatic control valve. The controlled variable X and the manipulating variable Y can be tapped as analogue signals at lab jacks. This enables external recording equipment, such as a plotter or an oscilloscope, to be connected.   An instrumentation and control software with interface module (USB) is available as an accessory. This enables the key process variables to be represented, and control functions executed.   The well-structured instructional material outlines the technological fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use