Power Electronic Lab Training Modules [Code: ELTM005]

Power Electronic Lab Training Modules
Description & Specification:

Power Electronic Lab Training Modules.
Power Electronic Lab Training Modules Light Intensity control using SCR & Triac SCR Firing Circuits SCR Commutation Techniques Phase control using Triac Switching Action of a BJT Thyristor Firing Circuit Kit (UJT Controlled SCR Time Delay) Step up Chopper SCR Single Phase Half Wave, Full Wave, Fully controlled Bridge Rectifier/Converter DC Motor Control using SCR's (with tachometer) Three Phase Half Controlled Bridge Converter Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Controller Single Phase Cycloconverter Chopper Motor Controller with Motor SMPS Trainer Kit Jone's Chopper Morgan's Chopper Series Inverter using SCR's Parallel Inverter using SCR's Universal AC/DC Motor Controller Single Phase Inverter (using power mosfet) DC Drive Trainer Single Phase Half Controlled DC Drive

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