Pipe Network Bench [Code: FM003]

Pipe Network Bench
Description & Specification:

Pipe Network Bench.
Pipe Network Bench Technical Description A common problem in the installation of pipe-work is the determination of pressure and flow rate in complex pipe systems. The Pipe Network Bench facilitates the setting up and investigation of different types of pipe system, for instance series and parallel configurations of pipes, their branches and joints. Analogous to Kirchoff's laws in electrical engineering, the pressure in the pipes corresponds to the electrical voltage, the pressure losses to the electrical resistances. Node analyses can be performed. The pipe systems can be assembled on the top of the experimental module using the pipes and connecting fittings supplied. The experimental module includes a closed water circuit with supply tank and pump, and a tank for volumetric flow rate measurement. Two-tube manometers with different measuring ranges are included for pressure measurements.

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