Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus [Code: FT007]

Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus.
Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus Technical Description This unit enables a broad range of experiments to be performed on the transfer of heat in gases. At raised pressures the energy is primarily transported by convection, while at low pressures the energy is transferred by radiation. An electrically heated metal cylinder is fitted inside a pressure vessel that can be evacuated. Low pressures down to 1 Pa absolute are generated using the vacuum pump fitted. Gauge pressures up to 1 bar can be obtained by using an external compressed air connection. It is also possible to investigate heat transfer in other gases, e.g. nitrogen, helium or carbon dioxide. The heater power is adjustable and is measured via the voltage and current. The surface temperatures of the heating element and the vessel wall are displayed. The pressure measurement is made using a piezoelectric pressure sensor. At very low pressures a Pirani manometer is used

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